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  • Direct composite restorations.
  • Core Build-Up.
  • Adhesive cementation of posts, crowns & bridges, including inlays and onlays.


  • 5th generation dentin/enamel-bonding agent
  • Combines Primer and Adhesive into a single component for ease of application.
  • Compatible with all common dental etching materials and forms an excellent bond with dentin and enamel, any self-cured, visible lightcured or dual-cured.
  • Composite, Compomer restorative material and with Composite Resin Cements.
  • The colloidal dispersed, spherical, submicron glass particles increase adhesion and enhances durability.
  • Forms the essential hybrid zone with dentin.

Technical Data

  • Shear Bond Strength to etched enamel > 20 MPa
  • Shear Bond Strength to etched dentin > 14 MPa
  • pH 6.5
  • Shelf Life of 2 Years
  • Excellent wetability and penetration into the dentin tubules
  • Forms the essential Hybrid Zone 

Packaging & Order Information

  • 1 Bottle 7ml of PRIMA 2000