Acers is a family-owned New Zealand company breathing fresh new life and a nimble approach into Dental procurement.

Acers was founded by a Dentist in New Zealand in 2013 who found huge disparities in the price and quality of dental products available to professionals in New Zealand. With his clinical expertise and knowledge, he began to source good quality products for his fellow colleagues.

The Broomhall brothers acquired Acers in 2020, coming from backgrounds in electrical automation, stainless steel engineering, international consumable product development and sourcing, and NZ manufacturing, along with commercial skills such as quality control, warehousing, marketing, sales and accounting. The family bring together a unique range of skills from working at the coal face, where from experience, a dependable supply of quality products improves the end result.

We rely on our professional customers for feedback, whilst bringing to the table a fresh perspective and customer service prowess, to ensure dental professionals receive a continuous, consistent, quick supply of exceptional value, in that family spirit that makes dentistry rewarding, safe and enjoyable for your customers, your team and you.

Today we stock a carefully tested and procured range of over 15 brands from 10 countries in all corners of the globe.

Acers isn’t a slow-moving conglomerate. We aim to be nimble, to listen, and to respond warmly to make your life easy. We’ll cheerfully do the running for you, and love every minute of it along the way!

You need world-class service and value to support your busy practice. Acers will give you that.

Our opening hours are:   Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm 

Fresh      Nimble     Family     Value